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Unlock your pro-chef potential. Traditionally considered a master chef knife, our Kiritsuke is designed to elevate skill and stimulate creativity in the kitchen. 

time for your razor-sharp upgrade

You use them everyday, why not invest in knives that are proven to perform? Thanks to our strategic design, we’ve optimised our blades with a razor sharpness that lasts. Slicing isn't only effortless, but more fun!

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a sharpness you'll notice

We developed a unique sharpening method that optimises blade sharpness during manufacturing. Why? It makes your new knives safer, easier and more enjoyable to use!

Quality materials, quality experience

Our knives are manufactured from German chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel. This steel type is both chip-resistant and rust resistant, enabling a blade sharpness that lasts.

Big knife, for big slices

Don't fear the big jobs! Our Kiritsuke's 250mm blade will slice through large cuts of meat with no effort.

Level Up Your Kitchen Game… Effortlessly

As arguably the most important kitchen tool, it’s important that your knives do the job well. Our design places quality and practicality at the forefront. With some help from us, we’re confident that it will be easier to impress in the kitchen.

Reasons why our Kiritsuke might not suit you.

We’re honest - it’s a quality we pride ourselves on. With that in mind, here’s a few things we think you should consider before sealing the deal with us.

You're scared of sharp knives.

They’re scary sharp and glide through food with zero effort. This actually makes them safer to use, yet we understand that not everyone shares our obsession with sharpness.

You want dishwasher safe knives

Razor sharp and durable by function. Yet, they have one weakness… the dishwasher. If this is a deal breaker, we recommend purchasing a softer steel knife.

You enjoy cutting on glass/ceramic surfaces.

Our knives require a soft-cutting board, preferably wooden or plastic. If you enjoy slicing straight onto plates, we wouldn’t recommend using our product.

We’ve got you covered

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What people are saying about our Kiritsuke

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Blade length

250mm / 9.8 inches

Total Length

375mm / 14.8 inches


215 grams

Type Of Steel

German X50CrMoV15 Steel


+- 58 HR-C

Sharpening Angle

15 degrees, 50/50 grind



Handle Material

Wenge hardwood

Country of Production


Compensated Carbon