Carbon Steel Roasting Tray

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Our do-it-all roasting tray. 

Strategically engineered from rust and chip resistant carbon steel, that – unlike chemically coated pans – performs even better with use!

No coatings. No chemicals. No PFAS.

Pre-seasoned with 100% sunflower oil, our pans are naturally non-stick. Better for yourself and the environment.

common questions

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Chemically coated pans don't last forever.

Never throw away a pan again

Carbon steel is practically indestructible and gets even better over time.

How do our carbon steel pans stack up?

Engineered to be your go-to frying pans

Here's why!

From the stove, straight to the oven

Don't fear the heat, your new pans will handle it! Why? They're compatible with any heat source and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Stay cool, you can handle it

Our stainless steel handles are strategically designed to repel heat, so you can avoid any nasty burns whilst cooking. They’re also polished for easy cleaning and low profile to fit in oven spaces.

better for you

Naturally non-stick and PFA free. We've avoided those nasty chemicals you find in other non-stick products. Our pans are pre-seasoned, making them naturally non-stick from first use!

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24cm Carbon Steel Pan

24cm Carbon Steel Pan


28cm Carbon Steel Pan

28cm Carbon Steel Pan


Carbon Steel Roasting Tray

Carbon Steel Roasting Tray


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Carbon Steel Set

Carbon Steel Set

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Why carbon steel might not be perfect for you

The Carbon Steel Roasting Tray might not be for you, and we don't want you to regret your purchase. Here's a couple of things you should check before buying.

You don't mind throwing away pans every few years.

A traditional non-stick pan’s lifetime is short, leading to excess waste. Luckily, carbon steel is the perfect solution to this issue. Lasting a lifetime, our pans not only cook better, but save you time and money.

You don't want to re-season your pan

Our pans come pre-seasoned, with regular cooking they shouldn't need re-seasoning any time soon. That being said the day might come. Seasoning carbon steel only takes about 10 minutes. We have tutorials on our youtube channel.

You want to stew acidic ingredients.

Carbon steel is superior for searing. However, it is best to avoid simmering with acidic foods like tomatoes or wine. Why? These foods break down the seasoning on carbon steel pans; which leads to a decrease in the pans non-stick performance.

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Roasting Rack Material

304 Stainless Steel

Handle material

304 Stainless Steel


39x29cm (15.4x11.4")

Pan Body Material

Case-hardened Carbon Steel. 100% PFAS and plastic free.



Country of Production



Including rack 2.3kg (6.4 pounds)