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Let the countdown begin!


Steak knives? You asked for them, they're finally here.  Get a huge discount by signing up for our early bird list!
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To our 4000 backers on Kickstarter and Indiegogo: the wait is over, your steak knives are here!


The presentation is lovely and you can tell these knives were made with great attention to detail. I’m very pleased with these knives, and my husband loved the surprise of a nice knife set. He’s quite eager to back the steak knives when that kickstarter rolls around. The only thing is we will have to be a little choosy when selecting a knife sharpening system for these beauties!

Rainer B

I would love to see steak knives as well


If the steak knives become a thing what about creating mini magnetic knife blocks to hold them?


Contribution 28. Received the knives today, They are absolutely gorgeous. Well worth the wait! Looking even more forward to the steak knives now ;-)!!

Sebastian J

Hey there, first of all, I really like the design and hope to get the sharp full set with not too much of a delay^^, as Jason has written: patiently waiting :) .

Never the less, I read a comment on kickstarter: “on list for the steak knives”?
Do you intend to also make some stake knives with such a gorgeous design? If yes, where can I sign to get some :)
Yours sincerely, Sebastian

Chad M

We look forward to the possibility of a steak knife set and helping you guys reach that goal!

clinton c.

I’ve been using my BEAR knives for about a month now and absolutely love them. I need steak knives and a cleaver now too!


….the knives look fantastic and congrats on the success of the campaign. I too will be watching for the steak knives!


Wow waa wee wow wow, these knives are absolutely amazing … Cannot wait for those stake knives and sharpening angle tool!!

pAL c

Well done gents. Excellent quality. Sharp edges and love the handles. I’m already on the steak knives list. Thank you once more.

Jonathan H

I love the knives! Just in time for the holidays! Can't wait for the steak knives!

Adrienne J

I can’t wait to get my knife set!!! Im also waiting for a steak knife announcement! I will definitely order!

Adam B

Thanks again for a wonderful product and can't wait to back steak knives and a carving fork to go with this wonderful set.

Moofie H

... I can't wait for the steak knives …


Serrated steak knives just tear up your beautiful steak. We think we’ve designed the perfect steak knife set. Why? Because we’ve basically made small chef’s knives. Full tang, 58HRC hardened steel, and a 15-degree edge angle.

But how do you keep your steak knife razor-sharp?
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Every knife dulls with use. There’s no way around it. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with an integrated diamond sharpening system. The hardwood magnetic case keeps the diamond plate at the perfect 15-degree angle. If you can swipe, you can sharpen.
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Early bird backers get the best deal. Over 50% discount over MSRP! For €69,-  you’ll receive four full tang steak knives and the Hardwood magnetic case with built-in diamond plate sharpening system. Just sign up below.
We sell to you directly through Kickstarter. So no middle man.
We produce in one big batch. You benefit from our economy of scale.
You’ll be the first and have an early bird discount.
You'll get the hardwood magnetic case and diamond sharpening stone for free!



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The nitty gritty details. Check out the sharp design that went into your steak knives.


The mountain imprint signifies our sustainable approach. It looks great too.

Full Tang

The full tang construction of our steak knives ensure they can handle anything you throw at them.


Our 15° edge angle ensures a razor sharp blade.

Diamond Sharpener

With the included diamond stone, you can keep your knives razor sharp.


Balanced at the center of your grip for ideal control.


Nothing beats an all natural hardwood grip. Providing grip even when wet.

753939 kg  Carbon Compensated

We believe in responsible production. Therefore we compensate all CO2 used to produce and ship your chef's knife 10 times over. This way, everybody benefits and you help to make the world a cleaner place. Find out how we are trying to achieve this.
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What people say about our knives

verified ownerverified owner

Great set of knives! My first ever set and cannot complain at all.
Would've been great to include a sharpener but you can't have everything i guess. Very happy indeed!

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3 months ago
Mairi C.
verified ownerverified owner

Literally the best knives EVER! Excellent price, excellent product, excellent customer service. Did I mention they are also beautiful?

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3 months ago
verified ownerverified owner

I am most delighted with my purchase of these gorgeous
BARE knives. 5 stars for craftmannship and efficiency.
I just bought the steak knive set with its board and doubleside sharpener. Wonder if I will be able to use it with my regular set?

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4 months ago
John Roberts
verified ownerverified owner

Love these knives. The best I have ever used. It's true there amazing. So easy to use. Thinking of buying a set for my sister at Christmas

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4 months ago
Mr Edward J Goss
verified ownerverified owner

Lovely knives, well balanced, hold an edge well and a nice pattern on the metal

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4 months ago
Samuel Stephen Frank
verified ownerverified owner

Excellent edge retention and durability. Not hard to sharpen or remove burrs from. And the handle makes them feel ergonomic to use. Great knives all around.

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4 months ago