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Bread Knife


There are two thing that a good bread knife needs. Large, sharp serration, and length. Our big bread knife has both. This knife does only one job, and one job well.

Blade length

Sharpening angle


240mm, 9.5inch
15 degrees
215 grams
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"Honestly, I was blown away... I use this knife over the ones i bought in a specialty shop in Paris that were like 350 euros "
"When these guys say razor sharp, they mean it! Possibly the most elegant knife I have ever seen and used. "

4.7 / 5 average product rating from 706 reviews

2500+ Backers on Kickstarter. 
"A great daily driver for anyone who wants to up their cooking game"

You had one job

A bread knife has one job, cutting bread. For that you want large serration and a long knife, our bread knife has both. Making cutting through baguettes, bagels, and rolls a breeze. Anything with a hard crust that needs sawing, the bread knife is your pal.

A knife on a mission

1.  Sharp and pointy

Sharp, pointed serrations make short work of sourdough bread crusts.

2.  blade length

With 240mm the blade is long enough for large loafs of bread.

3. Durable and strong

At 2.5mm this knife is thicker than most, adding durability and heft for more serious sawing tasks.

4. hardwood handle

A good old hardwood handle. All-natural, sustainable, feels-just-right. Wenge wood to be precise.



240mm / 9.5 inches

type of STEEL

German X50CrMoV15 Steel


+- 58 HR-C


15 degrees, 50/50 grind


215 grams


365mm / 14.4 inches

type of grind


Blade thickness

2.5 mm

Handle material

Wenge hardwood

Compensated carbon


County of production



Limited lifetime warranty

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We offer free worldwide shipping on all our products. So no hidden shipping costs


We stand behind our products. Therefore we offer a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects. 

60 day returns

Take your time to make sure you are truly in love with our product. If not, just return it.

Any questions?

Hopefully your question will be answered below. If not, shoot us an e-mail.

Will this knife go dull?

We use high quality german steel with a hardness of 58 HRC. This means our knives do not dull easily. However, unfortunately any knife dulls with use. But not to worry, our how-to section describes in detail how to care for and sharpen your knives.

What's covered by the lifetime warranty?

Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects and extends to anyone who owns a BARE Cookware knife new or used. What's not covered is normal wear, tear and rust.

Is this knife dishwasher proof?

No! Besides the chance of your knives rusting, your knife will dull much faster by coming into contact with other cutlery. Any high-quality knives should be kept far away from the dishwasher.

How do i care for my knife?

In our 'how-to' section you can find everything knife related. How to care for your knife, how to sharpen it if it gets dull, how to care for the hardwood handle and much more!

1153939 kg Carbon Compensated

We believe in responsible production. Therefore we compensate all CO2 used to produce and ship your chef's knife 10 times over.
This way, everybody benefits and you help to make the world a cleaner place. Find out how we are trying to achieve this.
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