Every kitchen needs a sharp knife

A sharp knife in the kitchen speeds up food preparation, making cooking faster and more enjoyable.

Cheap knives go dull

Why are great knives so expensive? It's simple: Good steel is expensive. But it's also what gives a great knife an edge that actually holds.

We made premium knives affordable

So, what makes us different? We laser-weld a strip of ultra-hard 14C28N steel to the cutting edge of our blades. This method produces a premium, high-performing knife at a fraction of the price of competitors. 

Unrivaled sharpness

Our knives feature a full distal taper and are sharpened to 15 degrees, making them razor-sharp right out of the box. The strip of 14C28N steel keeps them sharper for longer, truly making them a cut above the rest!

Outperforms knives 4 times as expensive

By fusing best-in-class steel to a fully forged knife, we're able to sell you an affordable knife that outperforms almost anything.

Free sharpening rod included!

If we reach our stretch goal, our ceramic sharpening rod with angle guide will be added to your pledge for free!

A once in a lifetime deal

Combining our revolutionary production process with the direct-to-consumer Kickstarter approach enables us to give you a once-in-a-lifetime discount.

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Trustpilot stars


Customer Service is top shelf.

Bare Cookware answers
emails…now to top that, they sell, ship, and make what they claim. Top shelf quality.

Drew Morrison, 

3 weeks ago

Trustpilot stars


Great products for a competitive price.

Delivered quickly in sturdy packaging. Highly recommended, these men know what they are doing.


3 months ago

Trustpilot stars


100% Perfect

First, I ordered the pans and they are absolutely perfect. After the pans came the knives and, well...awesome products Perfect details from nose to tail.

Sebastian Sosin, 

3 months ago

Trustpilot stars


I'm in love with Bare Cookware!

I have a 5pcs Knives-Set and now for a couple of weeks a carbon pan set as well. They are fair priced, have a beautiful design, and do what they are supposed to do in a superb way!

Matías Zúñiga F, 

3 months ago

Trustpilot stars


Quality products and great customer service

I brought pans and a baking tray, all well-constructed and as the, company promises. Replies to any communication was also very easy and quick. I would buy again!

André van Tulder, 

3 months ago

Trustpilot stars


Order and delivery was great

Order and delivery was great. Knives are fantastic.

Anthea Smithson, 

4 months ago

Trustpilot stars


Absolutely incredible knives

These are among the best I’ve ever used. We liked them so much that we bought their second batch from Indiegogo too.


3 months ago

Better performance at a fraction of the cost


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