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Lifetime warranty

How does our warranty work?

Warranty statement

At BARE Knives we believe in sustainability. We design our products to last a lifetime. This is one of the ways in which we oppose wastefulness and promote durable products. 

We stand behind our products. Therefore, we offer a lifetime warranty on manufacturing and material defects. Our warranty entitles you to a replacement. This warranty extends to subsequent owners of our products.

Simply said: if a BARE knife ever breaks, we will send you a new one free of charge. Even if you are not the first owner of the knife.

Excluded from this warranty is:
- Normal wear and tear expected during use like dulling, scratching, and rust
- Damage resulting from abuse or improper maintenance
- Damage resulting from modification or disassembly


We take great care in bringing you the best quality and value. We encourage you to keep your BARE Cookware products in great shape. For the best way to maintain our quality products check out these guides:
- How to prevent rust on stainless steel knives
- How to maintain natural hardwood products
- How to care for high end kitchen knives

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BARE Cookware white logo
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