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Everything knife related

Read how to care for your knife, do's and dont's and become a better chef
Care & maintanance
Knife knowledge
Knife maintenance 101

A good quality kitchen knife will last a lifetime. If taken care of properly. Maintaining your kitchen tools is easy and costs little to no time at all. We have 4 simple tips for basic knife maintenance.

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How to maintain natural hardwood

A quality knife taken care of will last you a lifetime. That means caring for the natural hardwood handle too! BARE Knives are all fitted with a natural wenge hardwood handle. Our handles are sustainably forested, CO2 compensated, and just feel right in the hand. Wood-care really boils down to oiling the wood every now […]

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Rust free. Rest assured.

Why can stainless steel knives still rust? As discussed in previous articles: stainless steel is about making the best compromise for the application. Some knives will rust right before your eyes, and others can survive in saline conditions without oxidizing. Not to worry, keeping your knives rust free is a breeze. Rust resistance is a […]

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Steak Knife sharpening

Get your steak knife razor sharp in minutes using our diamond sharpening system.

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How NOT to cut an onion

Or how to murder a vegetable. Let’s start with some onion-crushing basics. The utility knife. But not the nice 'cheffy' sharp one. This isn't cut an onion the easy way. No, we mean the plastic one pictured below. Feel free to use the edge or spine, makes no difference really. In our quest for the […]

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How to use a chef's knife

Allright, if you have never used a chef's knife before, the task might seem daunting. Chef's knives are a lot larger and sharper then your average potato peeler. But not to worry, using a chef's knife is quite simple. So lets just jump in. How do you hold a chef's knife? While just holding the […]

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An introduction to knife sharpening

Let’s be blunt: all knives will eventually dull. Even expensive high end high-carbon steel knives eventually need sharpening. Eventually you will need to know more about knife sharpening. We strongly recommend to always use a sharp knife when cooking. Paradoxically: a sharp knife is a safe knife. Blunt knives can slip and offer you less […]

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How to sharpen knives yourself

In this article we will give you a quick introduction in to sharpening your own knives with a whetstone. If you're curious what other methods of sharpening there, here you go. Sharpening your own knives is an extremely useful skill to learn. You will able to sharpen everything in your kitchen with only a sharpening […]

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Knife types: the basics

Anyone who’s ever set foot in a specialty knife shop or even a specialty kitchen shop will know: there are a lot of different knives. In this post, we’ll go over the essential knife shapes. We hope to give you a sense of direction. What knife to choose for what? Let's understand the basic knife types from a functionality standpoint. Then we can […]

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Knife anatomy 101

In this article we'll look at the differentiating factors between Chef’s knives, let's call it knife anatomy 101. This should help you in choosing the right knife for you. We’ll also explain which choices went into designing our BARE Cookware 8” Chef’s knife. 1. Blade profile The first thing that separates knives is their shape. […]

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11 things you can do with a Chef's Knife

Like a painter has a brush, a chef has a knife. Of all the kitchen equipment you'll ever own, nothing is more indispensable than a good knife. Most Chefs have an array of knives to choose from. But if only given the choice of one: the Chef’s Knife would be the top pick. The fact that […]

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Steel alloys - From a Chef’s perspective

Ingredient choices Like a chef can fine tune a recipe by adding or removing ingredients we can fine tune steel alloys to ensure certain characteristics. To make a dish sweeter, you can add sugar. To make steel softer or harder you can add carbon. In its most basic form steel contains iron and carbon. The […]

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An ode to the Chef’s Knife

Like a painter has a brush, a chef has a knife. From humble burger to Michelin-star plated perfection. With bold strokes or minute precision. A sharp chef's knife enables the Chef to paint his plate. Of all the kitchen equipment you will ever own, nothing is more vital or more indispensable than a good knife. […]

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