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Carbon negative

What does it mean and why do we find it so important?

CO2 COmpensated so far...

So far we have compensated this much CO2, sometimes bigger is better.

The why

What if all products you bought had their carbon footprint compensated 10x?
What if all companies cleaned up after themselves, and then some extra?
We believe the planet would be a lot healthier.

The how

BARE Cookware aims to make affordable, amazing looking, Michelin grade quality kitchenware. We also want to minimize the environmental impact we make. The production and shipping of our knives unavoidably generates CO2 emissions. We compensate for this CO2 ten times over. Every knife we sell essentially decreases our overall carbon footprint. 

We believe in responsible production. Therefore we compensate all CO2 used to make and ship your knife 10 ten times over.

The what

In the Indian region of Raichur there is a serious shortage of wood due to deforestation. Moreover, the traditional way of cooking causes a lot of harmful smoke indoors, and women must spend a lot of time gathering wood. For every knife, we make a donation to help provide these women with convenient, clean burning stoves. This way, everybody benefits and your purchase will be Carbon Negative.

We hope to lead by example in contributing to a more sustainable future.

Want to know more?

If you want to know the nitty gritty details and see the calculation behind the story, we have a whitepaper on the subject that you can download here.

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BARE Cookware white logo
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